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Oh Tylar & Chanel.  They were meant for each other from the start.  I mean, let’s be realistic here.  Those names just roll off your tongue in the smoothest of ways.  They’re just as fun as their names imply, and shooting their wedding was more like attending a party for some friends.  Their day was a whirlwind of awesome, ending with the hugest sparklers ever!  So sit back, get comfy, and enjoy.  This post is a long one!

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Thank you Tylar & Chanel! You made us party just as hard as you did!

If you like what you saw, check out who made it happen:

Florist: Sugar Rose Flowers
DJ: Temporary Tempo
Venue: Pala Mesa Resort
Caterer: Pala Mesa Resort
Dress: Allure Bridal
Photobooth: Just A Memory Photobooth
Dessert: VG Donut & Bakery