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Hey there, we’re Beki & Jon!  We call ourselves Ribbon & Rhyme.

We’re wedding photographers, friends, jokesters, musicians and food junkies.  We’re also married, but not to each other.  Strange, right?  Both of our spouses do what they love for a living, while allowing us to do what we love!  And we tend to think that doing what you love makes the most sense.

Having shot weddings on our own for years, we realized that we could provide twice the awesome if we teamed up.  So we did.  When we’re at a wedding, we don’t stop.  Beki is covering one angle, and Jon is catching something completely different.  Your day is expertly covered to guarantee that the excitement and raw emotion is fresh in your mind with every image.  Every hilarious dance move, every tear, every piece of smashed cake on your face and every guest in the pool … in their nice clothes.  It happens, trust us.

But the reality is that YOUR BIG DAY will be the party nobody forgets.  We’re here to help you remember it all!

We hope you’re going to stick around and look at a few photos and read our blog.  Don’t hesitate to shoot an email to info@ribbonandrhyme.com if you have any questions.

That said, thank you for stopping by. We are Ribbon & Rhyme. A photography duet.