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Happy New Year – Some Highlights of 2015

We’ll be the first to admit, we’re terrible at blogging. Our hope is to come here more than once a year to post what we’ve been up to, but the reality is, we’re up to a lot! Sometimes that means we’re not up to blogging. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†You can for sure follow us on Facebook or Instagram, which tends to be easier than a blog post. Who knows, maybe this year we’ll blog every single day! ¬†(not likely)


That said, TODAY is our 3rd birthday! Beki and I, in 2013, merged our wedding businesses to join together as Ribbon & Rhyme. We had a couple goals in mind when we started.


First, we wanted to split the workload. Let’s be honest, shooting a wedding is a lot of hard work. Far more than just showing up and taking pictures!

Second, it was important to us to give our couples BETTER PHOTOS. Yep. As a photographer working alone, you tend to hire out a lot of what the industry calls “Second Photographers.” These are capable, talented photographers … for the most part. But they are usually hired on short notice and sometimes you can’t get the person you want. So for us, it was a no brainer to join together and guarantee that each couple got 2 full time, professional photographers. That’s been something we pride ourselves on, and hope you see the value in this as well!

And lastly, we NEEDED to have fun! Beki and I have been friends for a LONG time. We’re both married, but not to each other (a lot of people ask us this), and are just really great friends! It’s such an honor to be able to shoot along side someone I respect and enjoy hanging out with.

Now, on to some of our favorite images from 2015!

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This year was ridiculously fantastic! All of our couples welcomed us into their lives like we had been there forever, and we couldn’t be more thankful. We hope you enjoyed these images as much as we enjoyed making them. ¬†<3 Beki & Jon

Wedding – CJ & Mari


Oh man, do we love CJ & Mari! ¬†We first met them when they got engaged on stage at the Color Run in San Diego. ¬†Not a bad way to start our friendship. ¬†Then we got to do an amazing gorgeous engagement shoot with them (you can find it on our Facebook page) with their adorable Boxer dog. ¬†And finally we made it to their wedding and amazing estate reception. ¬†From the beginning they were tons of fun, and that’s what we love so much about them!

CJandMari-wedding__0102 CJandMari-wedding__0103 CJandMari-wedding__0104 CJandMari-wedding__0105 CJandMari-wedding__0106 CJandMari-wedding__0107 CJandMari-wedding__0108 CJandMari-wedding__0109CJandMari-wedding__0110 CJandMari-wedding__0111 CJandMari-wedding__0112 CJandMari-wedding__0113 CJandMari-wedding__0114 CJandMari-wedding__0115 CJandMari-wedding__0116 CJandMari-wedding__0117 CJandMari-wedding__0118CJandMari-wedding__0119 CJandMari-wedding__0120 CJandMari-wedding__0121CJandMari-wedding__0122CJandMari-wedding__0123 CJandMari-wedding__0124 CJandMari-wedding__0125 CJandMari-wedding__0126 CJandMari-wedding__0127CJandMari-wedding__0128 CJandMari-wedding__0129 CJandMari-wedding__0131**We’re terribly sorry for ending such a beautiful post with a selfie of us with CJ & Mari … we bring the photo down, obviously, but they bring it waaaay up!

If you like what you saw, check out who made it happen:

Florist:  Botanic Allure
DJ:  DJ Chris Paul
Caterer:  Mikes BBQ & Catering
Dress:  Alfred Angelo
Cake:  The French Gourmet

Joe & Kendra


We love Joe & Kendra!  They are getting married in October (a perfect time in San Diego) and we had so much fun making their engagement photos at the Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad, CA.

JoeAndKendra-engagement__0102 JoeAndKendra-engagement__0103JoeAndKendra-engagement__0104 JoeAndKendra-engagement__0111 JoeAndKendra-engagement__0110 JoeAndKendra-engagement__0109 JoeAndKendra-engagement__0108 JoeAndKendra-engagement__0107 JoeAndKendra-engagement__0106 JoeAndKendra-engagement__0105JoeAndKendra-engagement__0112

Tam & Linh


When we first met Tam & Linh, it was all wedding talk. ¬†But then … then they mentioned they met while working at Disneyland. ¬†It was like we were all transported back to when we were little kids again!

“Is there really a basketball court inside the Matterhorn?” ¬†… “What’s your favorite ride?” ¬†… “MICKEY SHAPED PRETZELS!” ¬†

Yeah, we were ridiculous. ¬†And sometimes that’s ok. ¬†I mean, Disneyland. ¬†Do we really have to say anything else? ¬†Oh, and to make it better, they wanted their engagement photos done at Disneyland too! ¬†#BestDayEver #hashtag

TamAndLinh-engagement__0102 TamAndLinh-engagement__0103 TamAndLinh-engagement__0104 TamAndLinh-engagement__0105 TamAndLinh-engagement__0106 TamAndLinh-engagement__0107 TamAndLinh-engagement__0108 TamAndLinh-engagement__0109 TamAndLinh-engagement__0110TamAndLinh-engagement__0111 TamAndLinh-engagement__0112 TamAndLinh-engagement__0113 TamAndLinh-engagement__0114 TamAndLinh-engagement__0115 TamAndLinh-engagement__0116 TamAndLinh-engagement__0117 TamAndLinh-engagement__0118 TamAndLinh-engagement__0119TamAndLinh-engagement__0120 TamAndLinh-engagement__0121 TamAndLinh-engagement__0122 TamAndLinh-engagement__0123 TamAndLinh-engagement__0124

Thanks Tam & Linh for such an amazing day! ¬†And for free tickets to Disneyland! ¬†We love shooting places we’ve never shot before, and this was quite the experience! ¬†The rides were kinda fun too, now that I think about it.

Bryan & Nichole


Ten years. ¬†To some it seems like forever to be dating before marriage. ¬†To Bryan & Nichole, it was just the beginning! ¬†We were very excited to be a part of their 10th anniversary of being together … which conveniently included some vows, food & drink, and dancing! ¬†It was the perfect start to our 2014 and we can’t wait to share our exciting year with you all! ¬†Thanks Bryan & Nichole for starting things off right!

BryanAndNichole-wedding_0102 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0103 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0104 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0105 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0106 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0107 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0108 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0109 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0110BryanAndNichole-wedding_0111 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0112 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0113 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0114 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0115 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0116 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0117 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0118 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0119BryanAndNichole-wedding_0120 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0121 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0122 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0123 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0124 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0125 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0126 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0127 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0128BryanAndNichole-wedding_0129 BryanAndNichole-wedding_0130

See who made this happen:

Venue:  Mt. Woodson Castle
Coordinator:  Iman Rosario Р858.638.0672
DJ:  DJ Pat
Caterer:  Personal Touch Dining

Bob & Kate


One of our favorite things to do is witness crazy special moments. ¬†Be it a groom dancing with his grandma at his wedding, or guy asking his favorite person to spend forever with him. ¬†That’s what happened with Bob & Kate. ¬†He planned a perfect date with her, complete with a special flight over San Diego. ¬†Before dinner “they” decided to walk around the GORGEOUS Hotel Del Coronado, and then a stroll along the beach. ¬†What happened next changed their lives forever, and it was so special to be a part of it!

With Valentine’s day being tomorrow, there are sure to be a lot of diamonds finding new homes. ¬†Congratulations to all you lovebirds!

BobAndKate-proposal__0102 BobAndKate-proposal__0103 BobAndKate-proposal__0104 BobAndKate-proposal__0105 BobAndKate-proposal__0106 BobAndKate-proposal__0107 BobAndKate-proposal__0108 BobAndKate-proposal__0109 BobAndKate-proposal__0110 BobAndKate-proposal__0111 BobAndKate-proposal__0112 BobAndKate-proposal__0113

Robert & Megan


Every wedding is memorable. ¬†Seriously. ¬†There is always something we talk about on our way home. ¬†Sometimes it’s the food, or the photobooth, or how gorgeous the details were. ¬†There’s always something. ¬†At Robert & Megan’s wedding, it was the smiles. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, the entire wedding was gorgeous and amazing. ¬†But to be completely honest, the thing that stood out from their wedding was the smiles. ¬†Not just a normal smile though, everyone in attendance had those “silly-happy” smiles on their face! ¬†Whether they were dancing, or even just talking. ¬†It was just so fantastic to feel the joy coming from each person. ¬†We are so in love with Robert & Megan and hope you get a silly-happy smile looking through their wedding!

RobertAndMegan-wedding__0101 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0102 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0103 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0104 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0105 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0106 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0107 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0108 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0109RobertAndMegan-wedding__0110 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0111 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0112 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0113 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0114 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0115 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0116 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0117 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0118RobertAndMegan-wedding__0119 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0120 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0121 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0122 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0123 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0124 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0125 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0126 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0127RobertAndMegan-wedding__0128 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0129 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0130 RobertAndMegan-wedding__0131


If you like what you saw, check out who made it happen:

Venue:  Temecula Creek Inn
DJ:  John Rodriguez
Dress:  David’s Bridal
Dessert:  Holly Caporale

Jameson & Jennifer


Dear friends: ¬†1 year ago today we joined our wedding photography businesses together to form Ribbon & Rhyme. ¬†It’s been fantastic, and we’ve met / fallen in love with so may amazing couples! ¬†As part of our launch last year, we held a contest for one lucky couple to win half-off their wedding photography. ¬†Jameson & Jennifer were our winners. ¬†They threw the party of the year, and didn’t stop smiling the whole time. ¬†Ladies and gentlemen, here was our view of their ridiculously awesome day!

JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0102 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0103 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0104JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0105 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0106 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0107 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0108 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0109 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0110JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0111 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0112 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0113 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0114 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0115 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0116 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0117 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0118 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0119JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0120 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0121 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0122 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0123 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0124 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0125 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0126 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0127 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0128JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0129 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0130 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0131 JamesonAndJennifer-wedding__0132

Thank you Jameson & Jennifer for having us, winning our contest, and being our friends through this fantastic time in your lives!  And thank you to everyone who made year one for Ribbon & Rhyme the best year ever!

If you like what you saw, check out who made it happen:

Venue:  Wedgewood
Dress: ¬†David’s Bridal
Dessert: Cuddle Cakes

Dominic & Chris


Dominic & Chris had a lovely downtown San Diego wedding. ¬†In San Diego, few things are more important than our sports teams (who often times struggle to win, but that’s besides the point. ¬†We love them, win or lose.) and our craft beer scene. ¬†After a visit to Petco Park, where our beloved Padres play, we headed back to their reception with a craft beer theme! ¬†Each table for guests was labeled with a different brewery. ¬†Dominic & Chris … they’re our kind of people. ¬†We love those personal touches!

DomAndChris-wedding__0101 DomAndChris-wedding__0102 DomAndChris-wedding__0103 DomAndChris-wedding__0104 DomAndChris-wedding__0105 DomAndChris-wedding__0106 DomAndChris-wedding__0107 DomAndChris-wedding__0108 DomAndChris-wedding__0109 DomAndChris-wedding__0110 DomAndChris-wedding__0111 DomAndChris-wedding__0112 DomAndChris-wedding__0113 DomAndChris-wedding__0114 DomAndChris-wedding__0115 DomAndChris-wedding__0116 DomAndChris-wedding__0117 DomAndChris-wedding__0118DomAndChris-wedding__0119 DomAndChris-wedding__0120 DomAndChris-wedding__0121 DomAndChris-wedding__0122 DomAndChris-wedding__0123 DomAndChris-wedding__0124 DomAndChris-wedding__0125 DomAndChris-wedding__0126 DomAndChris-wedding__0127 DomAndChris-wedding__0128 DomAndChris-wedding__0129 DomAndChris-wedding__0130 DomAndChris-wedding__0131 DomAndChris-wedding__0132 DomAndChris-wedding__0133 DomAndChris-wedding__0134 DomAndChris-wedding__0135 DomAndChris-wedding__0136 DomAndChris-wedding__0137 DomAndChris-wedding__0138 DomAndChris-wedding__0139 DomAndChris-wedding__0140

Jared & Sarah


Jared & Sarah are wonderful! ¬†They look at each other like there is nobody else in the world, as if it were just the two of them. ¬†They laugh and joke, they have fun with each other. ¬†It’s so great to see them goof off and be themselves, and to see them promise their love to each other! ¬†They’re wedding was hit with a rare San Diego rain storm (can we really say that San Diego ever gets a real storm?), but they took it in stride and they looked happier than ever!

JaredAndSarah-wedding__0102 JaredAndSarah-wedding__0103JaredAndSarah-wedding__0104 JaredAndSarah-wedding__0110 JaredAndSarah-wedding__0109 JaredAndSarah-wedding__0108JaredAndSarah-wedding__0111 JaredAndSarah-wedding__0107 JaredAndSarah-wedding__0106 JaredAndSarah-wedding__0105 JaredAndSarah-wedding_0101JaredAndSarah-wedding__0112 JaredAndSarah-wedding__0113JaredAndSarah-wedding__0114JaredAndSarah-wedding__0115JaredAndSarah-wedding__0116JaredAndSarah-wedding__0117JaredAndSarah-wedding__0118JaredAndSarah-wedding__0119JaredAndSarah-wedding__0120JaredAndSarah-wedding__0121JaredAndSarah-wedding__0122JaredAndSarah-wedding__0123JaredAndSarah-wedding__0124JaredAndSarah-wedding__0125JaredAndSarah-wedding__0126JaredAndSarah-wedding__0127JaredAndSarah-wedding__0128



If you like what you saw, check out who made it happen:

Florist: Barbie Earl / Kathy Arriola
DJ: Timmy Zarza
Dress: Allure Bridal
Dessert: Jennifer Peterson