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What are your prices?

It’s almost always the first question we get when we have an email come through. Our wedding collections start at $3,600, and include an engagement session at no extra cost! One bit of advice though … choose the photographer YOU WANT.  If at all possible, don’t base your decision on price.  These images will last forever.  You will show them to your grandkids.  

I need a florist (or DJ, videographer, etc) … who do you recommend?

We have the unique opportunity of working with many different wedding vendors.  Some are amazing, and some aren’t.  We will GLADLY suggest the best of the best if you need something.  Check out our short list of Trusted Professionals.

So, we want you to shoot our wedding, what do we get?

Aside from eternal love and friendship from at least one of us, and the amount of hours you want us for, you also get a handful of things for FREE.

     -Engagement session
     -4×6 print of every edited image from your wedding
     –Custom Flash Drive with your engagement/wedding images(with print release)
     -Online password-protected gallery

Free engagement session?  What are our options for locations?

Our home base is North County San Diego, but we LOVE this city.  There are more than a million awesome locations to shoot at, so throw an idea our way when we’re booking your date.  We will shoot outside of San Diego, but extra fees may apply for travel.

What about albums?

We offer amazing albums.  These things are slick.  (hint: click that last sentence to see what our albums look like!)  The cover options you have to choose from are top of the line, nice to the touch.  The pages are thick and durable.  Trust us, these albums are made to last a lifetime.  And you’ll want it for that long too!  

What should you wear?

For your engagement session, wear what makes you comfortable and super awesome hot and sexy all at the same time.  Just know that if you’re not comfortable in your clothes, it will show in the photos.  For your wedding … well, we’ll leave that one up to you!

What is your “style”?

Our style is easy to define.  Real.  Our goal is for your photos to look just as your brain remembers them.  While we appreciate a tasteful vintage treatment or the grainy film look, we really love the way this planet was created.  So we’ll make sure the colors are rich and vibrant, and your images look sharp and natural.  That’s our editing style.  When it comes to our style during photoshoots, we both have our strengths.  If you’re posing for a photograph, it’s likely that you are also being photographed from another more photojournalistic angle.

Will you take photos of all my family members?

Of course!  Our first goal is to capture you and your wedding day.  You are #1 to us.  But we also make sure your family gets in on the action.  We ask you beforehand what groupings you want included in the formal family photos.  Make sure you’re thorough with that list, but we’re also very flexible on the day of your wedding as long as we’re not racing the sun.

When do I get to see my images?

Generally, you can expect to see your images sometime between 4 and 6 weeks after your wedding.  It seems like a long time, but we’re not running any special tricks to edit your images.  We take pride in these images, and make sure we edit each one individually before sending them off to you.  We also get a little antsy though, so make sure you follow us on Facebook because you’ll probably see some images pop up there first!

 How many photos do I get?

We’re storytellers.  Our passion is to tell the story of your day, so that when you look back at these images on your 48th anniversary, you remember it exactly as it was.  If you give us more time to shoot, you’ll tend to get more images. If you absolutely need a number of images to answer this question for you, we average between 400 to 600 edited images. Depending on a million different circumstances.

 Do you offer prints?

We do!  You can purchase prints directly from the online gallery we’ll provide to you.  That makes it easy for grandma & grandpa too.  If they aren’t computer savvy, you can order the photos to be delivered directly to them.  We must say, our lab is INCREDIBLE with these prints.  We have done pro lab vs. non-pro lab tests and there really is no comparison when it comes to how fantastic the pro lab prints look.

Can I print my own copies?

Of course!  When we deliver your Custom Flash Drive, we also include a print-release form allowing you to reproduce the images for personal use.



Are you available to travel to my wedding?

Definitely!  Most of our weddings do take place in our very own paradise here in San Diego, but we are ready to hop in the car or on a plane and head out your way!  We travel as cheaply as possible too, no need to break the bank for us.  You should see how long we can sustain ourselves on Slurpees and donuts.

Can you hold my wedding date?

The short answer is yes and no.  We will definitely hold it for a short period of time. But we do get a lot of inquiries, often for the same date.  If you ask us to hold your date, and another person contacts us, we will do our best to make sure you still get first dibs.  The best way to make sure you get us for your wedding is to book with us!

What if we need to change the date of our wedding?

Things happen, we totally get it.  Make sure the story is worth the trouble!  We will be as flexible as we can with your new date.  The only way we can’t be flexible is if we are already booked on that date.

Do you take credit cards?

As of now, we do not. Nobody likes to have debt hanging over their heads anyways. Right?

Can you do a payment plan?

When you book with us, a payment plan is already established.  One Third of the total package is due at the time of booking.  This is your Reservation Deposit, and it blocks off our calendar for you and only you.  The remainder of the balance is due 30 days before your wedding.